Sealcoating solutions in Wasilla, AK

Prostripe LLC provides a perfectly coated pavement

Prostripe LLC in Wasilla, AKprovides asphalt and paving for industrial, commercial, and residential needs. Unlike many other companies, Prostripe LLC can handle every aspect of your pavement needs, from  sealcoatingto regular touch-ups and maintenance. Our work reflects a strict attention to detail and is offered at extremely competitive prices. We also understand the changing demands during different seasons in Alaska and tailor our work accordingly. Whether you need us to power wash your parking lot or seal cracks in your warehouse floor, we can help. Please get in touch with our team in Wasilla today!


For residents of Alaska, we are your asphalt and pavement experts in Wasilla. We work throughout the state, including Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. From sealcoating driveways to handling the upkeep and maintenance of parking lots during the winter and summer, Prostripe LLC has the products and services that will meet your requirements.


Prostripe LLC has been providing clients with quality services since our establishment in Wasilla in 2003. Whether you come to us for parking lot sealcoating or wheel stop installation, we conduct business with your needs as our first priority. Though we use the best technology and methods to perform our work, we believe that our treatment of our customers is what truly sets us apart.  

Sealcoating services for driveway in Wasilla, AK


Would you like us to take care of the installation and sealcoating of a new game court at your home? Do the traffic markings at your Wasilla business's parking lot need to be re-done? Prostripe LLC can do the job. Not only do we provide a full range of asphalt and pavement products and services, but we do so in a manner that always fits into your schedule. To have us sweep your parking lot, resurface your playground, or seal cracks in your warehouse floor, call us in Wasilla. We always take our work seriously.

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